Beauty and the Beast set piece … fun stuff

Poor night sleep but woke up in good spirit. The family was energetic this morning. Everybody was up and getting ready to go have breakfast with their grandma. Sadly I couldn’t make it this morning as I hit the road to join Theatre Unlimited for a few hours of painting … Thanks for letting me join the party and it was great meeting all of you. Have a great show and let me know if you need more help.


Our Family’s Fabulous Christmas Tree

Think Luxury, Cartier, Dior, Holt… pick a theme… think FABULOUS!! Here’s a photo of our 2011 Family’s Fabulous Christmas Tree. First Christmas in our new home on Mill St. All you need is a real tree and hunt for cheap findings to decorate it. Just need to be imaginative. Use everything you like ribbon, flowers, ornaments, glass, lights, fabric, wire etc… Whatever strikes your fancy. Hope to see you all over this Holiday Season. Hug all xoxo

Our first year in our new home on Mill St. S.