Mattamy Theatre, Theatre, Milton Centre for the Performing Arts

This weekend I was badly sick; mild fever, headache, bad cough, nasal congestion and to top it off… laryngitis. Totally sucked. So, to cheer up myself and get some entertainment out of my misery, I decided to build a scale model (maquette) of the Mattamy Theatre; Milton Centre for the Performing Arts. The Mattamy theatre is where Globe Productions will be presenting “Annie” the musical in May of 2012. I’m very much excited. I chose to do it at 1/4″=1′.

Shortly after, when almost done; 2 young boys popped out of nowhere and saw me doing arts and crafts (Joe age 11 and Gab age 9) and wanted to get a go at it too. So, I gave them each a black foam core and they did their own Jeep and Pick up truck (with a bit of help). Somehow at some point, I turned around and noticed that I was finishing those projects… alone (wink wink)… 🙂


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